Tuesday, 8 June 2010

One for Father's Day

We had a swarm of bees in the garden on Sunday, which is lucky because we just happen to be beekeepers! So Jeff cut the branch with the swarm on it and put it in front of an empty hive. The bees obligingly walked up the ramp and set up home - so cute! As a result Jeff has a big swollen hand where he got stung. In Northern Ireland we would have said "it swelled up like a bap".
On the plus side, we have a nice big bowl of honey in the kitchen which he collected from our other bees to remind us of why we like to keep them!
The swarm looked like one of the illustrations I did for 'Me and My Dad' by Alison Ritchie.
And I thought I might as well plug the book as a great Father's Day gift while I'm at it!


  1. everything in the image is so sweet! I think all your illustrations are.

  2. hi, is there any possibility that there are prints available to buy from me and my dad? my daughter loves this book and the last picture always reminds me of when she was a baby lying on her dads chest.