Saturday, 3 July 2010

Just some news!

I've had a really busy month and there's lots going on so here's an update on what's happening in my illustration world!
We had the launch of Star Friends published by Little Tiger Press on Thursday, and you can buy it here!
Yesterday I finished the artwork for a new book in the Flip-up Fairy Tales series published by Child's Play. It's called The Magician's Nephew, based on The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and it's going to be released in October.
This weekend I'm starting work on my next book for Little Tiger Press - it's always very exciting to start a new book as there are so many possibilities, and I love the story, which is by Kathryn White. More on this later.
And, as if that's not enough, next week I'll be working on the illustrations for A Winter's Night, for Stripes Publishing which will be my third book in a series of winter animal stories for children aged 6-9, the others being Winter Tales and Winter Magic. This will be published in October as well.
I've got a busy few months ahead, with a high spot at the end of August when I'll be doing a workshop at the Edinburgh Book Festival - very exciting and a bit daunting for me!