Friday, 8 June 2012

Hay Festival 2012

I did three events at Hay this year - Just One More (with Tracey Corderoy), A Little Fairy Magic and Yuck! That's not a Monster! and lots of fantastic children came along to help us make sparkly rockets, furry mice and scary monsters! We had stories, made our own book from scratch, invented monsters and did magic tricks with fairy spells! In spite of the mud and rain we had lots of fun. Apologies to anyone who tried to get signed copies of my books as there were some gremlins in the supply chain and the bookshop supply ran out a bit early. 

wearing a fairy costume as a shameless publicity stunt!

lots of concentration to do drawing magic (and I wasn't the only one wearing a fairy costume!)

With Tracey Corderoy, author of Just One More

I think I've got their attention!

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