Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Today's painting - Denis having a snooze

Not long after we rehomed our ten year old ginger male cat, Denis (formerly 'Treacle') he began to test out various comfy spots around the house for snooze potential. The back of the sofa in the garden room is a favourite with just the right mix of warmth, company and safety from the dogs!

I've always avoided painting our own pets up to now mainly because I'm a perfectionist and felt I would never do them justice. But this daily painting regime has freed me up - this is another wee 6" x 6" painting in acrylics on Fabriano HP paper - I'm comfortable working in this medium as it's what I use for book illustrations but am starting to paint in oils more and more and will have a go at some little daily oil paintings very soon - the first 12 gesso boards arrived today so I'm good to go! Will also be trying a looser style but for now am doing what comes naturally.

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