Thursday, 5 May 2011

May Update

It's been a busy month and I've managed to squeeze in a short trip to beautiful Majorca which was wonderful! I've done some new card designs for American Greetings, some magazine illustrations for Highlights High Five magazine, a commission for a watercolour of a friend's dog ( a rare treat these days, but I promised to do it as they had paintings of their other two from years ago and wanted their new pooch to join them in the hall!)
This week I'm doing some school visits in the run up to the Red House Children's Book Award ceremony to promote Yuck! Had a wonderful day yesterday in Sandford Primary School in Somerset, and tomorrow it's off to Wolverhampton to visit two more schools. Then it'll be time to start my next new book for Little Tiger Press - very exciting as I don't know what it is yet!
This photo was taken after my monster workshop yesterday - I think they liked it!